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The Dark Harbour Trilogy is Complete

The long-awaited third installment of The Dark Harbour Tales has been released! The Fiend in the Flames is available now on Amazon in both ebook and paperback format (it’s also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited). This book brings certain story arcs to a close, and like the other two books in this series, it also dips its toes into new themes. Whilst the series is, at its heart, a supernatural thriller / dark urban fantasy, each book has different shades. Book 1 had a strong romantic aspect running through it, Book 2 had a horror aspect, and Book 3 brings in a little bit of magic and stardust.

fiendintheflameskindle 237x300 - The Dark Harbour Trilogy is Complete

I’m really excited to finally have a completed trilogy on my hands. Writing these books has been a long process, and even before I began writing them as novels, I’d worked on the narratives in a different medium. Dark Harbour is something that has been with me a long time, so the release of The Fiend in the Flames is quite a significant milestone for me.

There’s an old shadow back in Dark Harbour and he’s seen the end… of everything. Telling a devastating tale of betrayal, Rus has dark secrets to spill concerning members of the Fires, and a revenge of his own to realise.

But the Fires are about to pick another battle, a suicidal mission to rid the town of its ever-reigning crime lord. Master of the Fires Henry Maristow can’t shake the feeling they might have the very weapon that could help them achieve this.

When the revelation of an ancient prophecy spells disaster for the town, the Fires know they have no choice but to wield that power once more.