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into the fires by joseph kiel

By joining the Joseph Kiel readers’ club you’ll receive a free Dark Harbour eBook, Into The Fires, a standalone prequel that introduces the town and its characters. This eBook is exclusive to this mailing list. It is not available anywhere else.

The Dark Harbour Tales

Halo of Fires

The first book in the Dark Harbour series, Halo of Fires tells the tale of a missing young boy, Jeremy. The local vigilante organisation, Halo of Fires, are on the search for justice as they hunt down the killers of Jeremy’s family. Meanwhile, a rookie journalist sets out to solve the mystery of what became of the lost child…

Night Shines

In Night Shines, Dark Harbour’s ancient nemesis makes its return. Every Harbourian knows the legend of Night-Shines Nick, but no one knows how to defeat the beast. As the death toll mounts, the townsfolk turn to Halo of Fires to eradicate the nocturnal menace. The Fires have never seen themselves as heroes, however, but they’re soon to understand how destiny is calling them…

The Fiend in the Flames

The third Dark Harbour tale involves a long-lost individual who turns up in town and has some dark secrets to spill concerning the Halo of Fires organisation, plus a revelation about an ancient prophecy that warns of disaster for the coastal town…

The Fenland Fairytales

Fairytale of the Other New York (Book 1)

London film critic Hazel Nightingale returns to Lincolnshire to care for an ailing grandparent, and finds that romance is written in her stars. With Hollywood shooting a war film nearby, Hazel signs up as a film extra. Top of the bill is a movie heartthrob, and when fate keeps bringing them together, it appears he’s taking a shine to her. But such fairytale romances don’t happen in this New York, do they?

The D’Isigny Code (Book 2)

Lincoln film critic Hazel Nightingale has her career back on track, but her fairytale romance of last year now seems a distant memory. When her new boss summons her to discuss his secret pet project, Hazel can’t resist getting involved. Their investigation involves another unassuming Lincolnshire village, Norton Disney, once visited by a certain icon of cinema who shares its name. But what exactly was he looking for there? And why will shady characters do anything to protect the secret?

The Broken Melody Series

Broken Melody

Young Melody thinks she may be turning into a vampire. This morning she woke up with a fangover: two bite marks on her neck and no memory of the night before. Threatened with execution by vampire slayers, she embarks on a twisted all-nighter full of debauchery, a pulsating and perverted race against time to find the very vampire that infected her.